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Medical Missions

Dr. Freiman is actively involved with delivering free medical and surgical care on missions in underserved countries.

Dr. Freiman went to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake along with Dr. Gary Berger from New York. They bribed the border guards in order to reach the hospital and once there were assisted by the United States Special Forces. The hospital was almost completely destroyed but thousands of Haitians waited on line in front of the emergency tent awaiting care. As the only physicians in Port Au Prince General Hospital, Drs. Freiman and Berger performed countless life-saving surgeries.

Haiti Earthquake, 2010

Operation Newface, The Philippines

Dr. Freiman is on the board of directors of Operation Newface (formerly Operation Yuhum) in the Philippines. Dr. Freiman's friend, Larry Mally, visited the town of Iloilo in the Philippines on a vacation after retiring from the Metro Dade Police Department and never left. "Sir Larry," as he is known by the thousands of appreciative patients, instantly fell in love with the people of the Philippines. Larry found that there were thousands of people unable to have surgery simply because they could not afford the bus-ride, preoperative medication, or preoperative workup. In 2012, Dr. Freiman traveled to the Philippines to help Larry with his cause. Dr. Freiman, along with 4 plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses from the Philippines, performed over 170 reconstructive surgeries during that mission.


This is a video put out by the "Angels," the group of people who make Operation Newface possible, for Dr. Freiman. 

Jacob Freiman, M.D. , FACS

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


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